Denise_Headshot Denise Houseberg has helped small companies expand and become more profitable for the past 25 years. She began her career as a graphic designer, bartering her way into business and launching her first graphic design company on borrowed equipment. Her mid-western roots and spunky attitude carried her through the first lean years when no job was too small or too menial, but she eventually built MX Group, a well-respected graphics company that had a large base of loyal customers.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Denise launched in 1999 at about the same time as other fledgling online retailers, such as A problem-solver by nature, she initially built an online store to help out a few select manufacturers. Many manufacturers offered a large line of decorative wall plates, but limited shelf space in the traditional retail store prohibited any one store from carrying the entire line. To resolve the age-old dilemma of satisfying consumer demand without selling directly to consumers, Denise came up with as a way to give consumers access to a manufacturer’s complete line of products without jeopardizing their relationship with brick-and-mortar retailers. Like any retailer, she purchased at wholesale and sold for a profit while all orders shipped direct from the manufacturer to the consumer.

Because Denise built as a true profit-driven business, she continued to grow and prosper during the meltdown after the turn of the millennium. became a million dollar company in 2005 and the first woman-owned million dollar winner in the Make Mine a Million program sponsored by OPEN American Express and Count Me In for women-owned enterprises.

Denise excels in seeing the big picture. She helped a client in the banking software industry, Audiotel, grow from $9 to $14 million developing a new interface for their Internet banking portal, creating a solid Reseller Marketing Kit for a check scanning product and promoting a solid PR campaign.  In less than 2 years, AudioTel was approached by Jack Henry for acquisition. She was instrumental in packaging the company for sale writing a 100-page Sales Memorandum. In 2007, after six months of negotiation, acquisition was complete as AudioTel sold to a publicly traded corporation.

Denise now uses her flair for trying new ideas, and her experience in helping small business clients stretch their boundaries and grow in profitability.  This has allowed her to build a loyal base of relationships that continue to rely on her expertise. She is well-connected in the technology and marketing arena and is spirited as well as driven in her pursuits to help others.