Why We Sizzle?

Melissa: Because we’ve been there. We get it. We know what works and what doesn’t work. This saves both time and money.

Denise: We are veterans of marketing campaigns gone right as well as how to fix it when the stuff hits the fan. It’s not about turning the spigot on and forgetting it. It’s lead nurturing baby. That’s how we roll.

Melissa: I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s the sizzle that sells the steak. Developing a unique sizzle is what will separate you from your competition and build your brand.

Denise: Oh yeah! Nothing sizzles like bacon. And we’re all about makin’ bacon. That’s what gets us excited. We’re entrepreneurs! We create ideas and execute campaigns that bring home the bacon.

Melissa: Once we’ve locked in on your target, we initiate a unique marketing sizzle using both online and traditional portals to spread your sizzle.

Denise: After all, no use wasting a sizzling steak on a vegetarian.


About Us


Denise Houseberg
Previously known as the Drop Ship Diva, this online crackerjack was born to generate leads. Her history as a long-term entrepreneur and online empress spans more than 20 years. From graphic studio owner to a leader in ecommerce, Denise’s talents run the gamut from creative to analytics. There’s not another one like her … we promise. But be careful around her–she’s known to tell the blatant truth whether you like it or not. Read more

Melissa Darnay
The Marketing Maven is a true marketing wiz. She not only creates blockbuster brands for others, but she’s put her money where her wine is by creating a personal brand as The Wine Maven, making wine and food fun again. She created her own YouTube channel of wine & food videos, a social following of wine drinkers and wineries, and an enviable list of repeat customers. Read more