The “steak” is your business. The “sizzle” is what will make your sales rock. Year in, year out… good economy or bad.

How can we help? If you sold bacon, we’d tell you the hard truth… nobody wants to eat limp bacon. If it’s not crispy, it gets dumped. The same is true for your image. If your brand identity doesn’t sizzle … Houston, we’ve got a problem.

If it’s broken, we’ll help fix it. If it’s not sizzlin’ hot, we’ll create the impact and buzz you need to make your business sizzle! And that means cash generation, baby. There’s nothing limp about cold, hard cash.

You might think your vintage look is cool, but if your marketing isn”t charming the credit card numbers out of your customers … let’s talk. The only thing more beautiful than the sound of SIZZLE is the sound of the cash register going cha-CHING.

Where to Begin

Instead of wasting your hard-earned cash on tactical initiatives that are out of alignment with your sizzlin’ brand, we’ll do a complete marketing checkup.

We’ll let you know what you’re doing right… and what needs to be tweaked. Then, we’ll give you a phased marketing proposal that fits into your budget. We’ll let you know how we can implement new iniatives while keeping your branding on course.



A recognizable brand is one of the few legal ways to print money. Once you build the brand machine, it runs day and night. Continue to feed it and you’ll see what it feels like to have the Midas touch.

Building a brand doesn’t happen overnight. It starts with a Unique Selling Proposition, a recognizable brand identity, and an ongoing marketing campaign.

If your brand doesn’t sizzle, contact us now. Sizzle is our speciality.


Once we have a roadmap of where you want to go, we can create revenue-generating initiatives that will make your accountants very happy. And when the bean counters are happy, everyone is happy.

  • Want your website to sell, sell, sell? No problem.
  • Want your customers to act as your sales force? We know how.
  • Want the media to put you on their speed dial? We can do that, too.

Start Sizzling Right Now

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